Each of the following is a component function within the framework of our total real estate and consulting service.

Consultation - Economic and societal forces contribute to the dynamic nature of the real estate market. It is our job to be aware of these considerations and to incorporate them into comprehensive and totally impartial advice.

Valuation - With the great variety of reasons for property valuation, it is our responsibility to be aware of the various criteria that must be applied in each case.

Investment Feasibility Studies - Market research is conducted in order to test the economic structure of a proposed project. Armed with this information, an investor can determine an appropriate, financially viable course of action.

Investment Analysis - Our study provides a complete picture of the financial benefits accruing from an investment or an alternative investment.

Cash Flow Analysis - This type of study is conducted on a pre-tax and after-tax basis, and is designed to enable the investor to gauge whether the cash flow from a designated property is suitable.

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony - As valuation specialists, we are often called upon to give evidence as expert witnesses in court and arbitration hearings. We also work with clients' counsel to provide full representation of the relevant value issues, and to critique and review any appraisal reports, documents and testimony that impact on valuation.