In order to best facilitate the various services offered to our clients, we maintain a staff of qualified urban economists and appraisers whose backgrounds cover every aspect of our range of services. Our professional staff has broad experience in analyzing all types of properties throughout the northeastern United States and other parts of the country, as well as extensive local experience.

Our comprehensive cross sections of expertise enables our firm to provide our clients with a broad perspective on economic and real estate trends that have an impact on specific valuations of investment properties. Our familiarity with a broad range of types of valuation assignments enables us to apply this market background to the specific needs of different specialized value issues, including: condemnation, tax certiorari, lease arbitration, Board of Standards and Appeals review, Landmarks Preservation Commission review, bankruptcy, hazardous materials impacts, and other forms of real property litigation.

We have extensive experience with a range of property types, including: apartment and mixed use developments, vacant land, site assemblages, transferable development rights, stores, shopping centers, hotels, garages, residential subdivisions, golf courses and industrial developments. Specific assignments have ranged from development loan apprasials to acquisition consultation and estate valuations, to the whole range of real property litigation procedures. The growth of our firm has been built on professionalism, our reputation for developing fresh and innovative approaches to the solution of difficult problems, as well as on the close personal relationship we have achieved with our clients.
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